Chaucer All Strung Up

"magically mysterious" Three Weeks

"leaves the audience gasping in amazement and applauding in delight"

Broadway Baby


"If you can make the stars disappear, then- and only then- I'll believe he's never coming back."


The Canterbury Tales as you’ve never seen them before! Take your seat at the ringside, where the performers of the Franklin’s Circus are waiting for you. Using aerial acrobatics, puppetry, live music and dance, our quirky but lovable characters invite you to become a part of a tale of lost lovers, deception, trickery and revelry, told with the expressive colour of circus. The perfect way to experience the true carnival atmosphere of the Fringe, in an unforgettable spectacle. A journey of magic and discovery, appealing to adults and children alike.


Performances were at C Nova, 31 July-26 August 2013

Cast and Creatives

Elizabeth Schenk- Co-Director


Constance Chapman- Performer


James Louis- Performer


Leo Cairns- Executive Producer


Marika McKennell- Performer


Tris Hobson- Performer


Charlie Bindels- Director


Henry St. Ledger Davies- Assistant Producer


Jess Wolinski- Associate Producer


Lily Staff- Producer


Rhianna Frost- Performer



Publicity design by Ella Jackson

Photo credits: Louise Anna

James Louis, Constance Chapman, Rhianna Frost

Marika McKennell and Tris Hobson

Rhianna Frost as Dorigen and James Louis as Gus

Constance Chapman as 'Ella

James Louis as Gus

Tris Hobson as Ray and Constance Chapman as Odette

James Louis as Gus and Rhianna Frost as Dorigen



Strung Up tell stories. Stories that are messy and boisterous and fun.

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